Meet The Band

Revellers Steelband is currently performing as a solo, duo or trio only.

We can also provide group workshops in schools and community centres.

Private one-to-one tuition is also available.

If you would you like to join our workshops or get involved in Revellers Steelband, email us at


Ian is a freelance musician that has travelled the world to perform as well as arrange and direct music. He feels strongly about the power of music, particularly via an accessible instrument like the steelpan, to promote inclusion, wellbeing and confidence in communities. Ian arranges all the music for the band, conducts all the tutoring and ensures the repertoire remains relevant.


Kelly has been the resident drummer for 7 years after falling in love with the energy of soca music. She works in business and loves Italian food and sandy beaches. 


Annika plays tenor with the band and is the main contact for gig and workshop enquiries. She works as a Business Support Officer for Headway Luton, a charity supporting people with a brain injury. She is also a PhD student studying sociology. Annika first experienced playing steelpan at a beginners’ workshop in 2010 and has loved it ever since. 


Tracy plays the double tenor pans and works as a Sales Support Manager. She has always loved pan from school days and was excited at the opportunity to reconnect and join the Revellers family.


Jade has been playing with Revellers for 10 years, first starting on the Cello pan and then after a few years moving to the double second pan. She has loved soca for as long as she can remember so her love for pan came naturally. She works in her local airport and has a passion for travel.


Doug plays the double guitar. He is retired and joined Revellers on retirement and loves the sound of steel pan. Learning different songs keeps him happy. 


Sherrese has been playing pan for ten years. Sherrese has always been in carnival from a young age but as she got older she decided to retire the costumes and try something new.  She first learnt on the double second and then moved to the tenor. She is a room leader at a nursery and loves to spend time with her family.


Zawditu plays the Tenor. She works as a Research and development Scientist. She first started playing steel pan in high school and loved it so she is glad to return to this passion after an 8 year break.


Ebun started playing the piano before moving on to the steepans at the age of 10. Over 14 years, she has played the cello pan, single tenor, double seconds and now plays the 6 bass. She works at the local court and has been part of Revellers since 2012.